March 19, 2008

7 Things About Me

I got tagged by Julie, The Accidental Pastor's Wife to do a meme called, 7 Things. Thank you Julie for thinking of me....I need a little nudging these days I think.

I thought I had done this before, but when I found my old post, I had changed it to 7 Things I've Learned. So here goes.

1. I make stuffed animals come to life. I've tried desperately to stop, but I just can't help myself! I just start channeling them.

We used to wonder WHY in the world our 2 year old (who is now 16) had a New York accent. Yes, we lived in New Jersey at the time, but none of us had accents. It was the strangest thing. Then one night while I was putting her to bed, I realized her BEAR was talking to her with a New York accent! (Long Island to be specific) It was very funny....and kinda scary. I didn't even realize! Bears kind of take on a life and personality of their own around me....and I obey. (complete with swirling spirals in my eyes)

My oldest daughter, who is now 20, starts talking back to the animal I'm animating and then she gets all embarrassed and hits me! The last time it happened was on vacation 3 years ago. We bought a little stuffed zebra for Maggie. (and by the way, it looks exactly like the picture above!) He kept trying to convince Hannah that he was a donkey and she was arguing with him. Then when we laughed at her, she wouldn't even look at the zebra the rest of the trip....even though he tried desperately to get her attention! I still had trouble even tonight typing z e b r a instead of donkey. (see, I believed him too!) He's a persuasive little runt!

I used to think I might like to work as a voice for a cartoon character or puppets on Sesame Street but it came in handy as a mom too.

2. I was a double major in college. I have a major in Theater/Speech and also in Religion. Neither of these degrees has come in useful in finding employment, but I had fun in college. (thanks Mom!)

3. I love to study the Bible. I used to keep notebooks full of notes. I love taking classes of Bible studies, especially studying one book at a time. My favorite study recently was the study of the book of Daniel, taught by Beth Moore. I also love it when my husband (the pastor) preaches through books of the Bible. I just think that is the way it should be taught, unless you're doing a word study or topical study.

4. I am a very very visual person. I love love love it when people used word pictures to teach or to get a point across or when used in song or prose. If I can channel my imagination towards what I am supposed to be paying attention to, my mind won't start daydreaming in a totally different direction. And I love movies, television shows and music videos.....something I can wrap my eyes around and grabs my imagination.

5. I am not a book reader. This is really embarrassing to me, but it's true. I start books and only read 2 or 3 chapters before leaving it to collect dust on the shelf. (Cheryl I really need to return those books to you that you loaned me a year and a half ago!) I will read novels, but rarely take the time....I usually take one or two books on vacation because we camp. I watch my kids reading books when we're camping, and it looks so interesting and relaxing, but if the book doesn't grab my attention in the first chapter, I end up people or animal watching instead.

6. I love to cook.And I love to watch cooking shows. I don't get to spend as much time at it as I did when I wasn't working, but I still find it very stress-relieving, something I can do for my family or friends and it is a creative outlet for me.

7. I love collecting bits of knowledge. I read articles all the time about the world, medical or health related issues and entertainment. It's fun to throw little snippets of knowledge around when I'm chatting with people. I just wish I could remember where I get those snippets from and how valid they are when I'm discussing them. (Know your source kind of thing)

This is what you do if you get tagged, or you can just consider yourself tagged because you came here and read this and do your own! =)

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I'm sorry this is so massively long. Next time we should do a 7 things I need to be better at meme. My first one would be 'use less words', be concise, wrap it up, less is more, etc. ;)

Who would like to be tagged? Oh, I see the Pastor's Wives on my bloglines are lining up to try this!
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