March 3, 2008

Wedding nights and twinkle lights

Friday Charles performed a wedding for some good friends of ours from church. It was a beautiful wedding. I've never seen our sanctuary look so nice. Twinkle lights, topiaries, a 5 foot urn of flowers as you entered the sanctuary, and our 7 foot tall rough wooden cross (made last Easter season) covered with twinkle lights and a swag of gauzy fabric in the center of the platform where the bride and groom stood during the ceremony. And of course the wedding party were all lovely and handsome. A friend of the family came and did makeup and hair. (I wished I was in it after seeing them! lol) And the reception was wonderful too, with tables in the courtyard area, twinkle lights in the trees and a live worship band playing. The crisp, not chilly evening, celebrating a wonderful couple committing to sharing their lives together.....the atmosphere made the smiles, hugs and conversation just right.

A lovely night.

What made it even better is knowing the couple, their life stories, and their commitment to serving Christ together.

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