March 19, 2008

Spring break here!

I think I should add a little something here so that it will look like someone's home!

I'm just enjoying my Spring break. I love Spring break.

We went up to the mountains Monday and Tuesday. My sister and brother in law are trying to finish building their cabin. The insides and deck are the last things to do, but it's very involved...lots of it will still be a while until they have things like running water, heat and flushing toilets. It is beautiful though and we are looking forward to visiting that cabin LOTS. I may have some postable pics on my camera, but I only have a few minutes now, so that is another day.

Today I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time......I joined Curves, that workout place for laaaaadies. (you have to read that with an Eliza Dolittle accent) My friend Cheryl went with me, along with Maggie, who I had to keep sending back to her chair so that she wouldn't 'coach' me. (or laugh...ha) It felt good to do those resistance machines. I hope it still feels good tomorrow morning when I get out of bed....uh hmmm.

Sunday night after I got a call from my daughter Hannah to say she had gotten home in Flagstaff safely, we turned on the news and heard about a terrible accident on I-40 between Flagstaff and Williams, the town we used to live in. There were two people killed during a white out on the interstate. Visibility was only 10 feet, according to our friend Kai, whose car broke down on that highway five minutes before the accident happened. She heard the whole thing happened about 100 feet behind her...and she heard the whole thing, crashing and screaming and more crashing. Over 100 cars piled up into a twisted mess and over 40 people were hospitalized, 11 in critical condition. As I read the names of the people who dies yesterday, there was one woman from Williams killed. It sounded familiar but was not ringing a bell. Today when I read a more full report I realized it was the woman who lived right behind us. We were back fence friends, discussing our dogs and kids through the chain link fence several times a year.....and I would stop and talk to her sometimes at Walmart, where she worked. Her tiny little dogs, a chihuahua and a pomeranian used to get under the fence and come to visit our dogs. It is a strange thing to realize like that...that someone you knew had died so violently. I am so sorry for her family. And I wonder about her dogs. And I am just so amazingly thankful for Hannah being home and safe.

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Juloyes said...

oh my.

i'm glad you're enjoying your spring break. if you come to durango this summer, let us know!

by the way, i tagged you yesterday.