March 8, 2008

Walking, praying, remembering

Saturday morning We had a prayer walk in the neighborhoods around our church. We put doorknob hangers, inviting people to our Easter services on the doors and prayed for the people who lived in those houses as we quietly walked up to their door and back. It is amazing what you can sense and learn about people just by walking thoughtfully up to their door. Some yards were well kept, even the driveways were clean, no stains, no debri, some homes had shabbier yards but had toys and bicycles around, as if they were left in mid-fun to come in to dinner. One home had a rough looking mom and dad weeding the yard with about 5 children, happily pulling weeds and chatting. The music blaring from the car stereo and deep lines on the parents' faces told of a rougher lifestyle, but there they were, having a very nice Saturday morning. We handed them a flyer and they thanked us. At another home, I warily approached the door and hung the flyer quietly while a worn out mom cursed and screamed at some yelling children inside. We walked past a group of exHUBERANT neighborhood children having a yard sale, lots of their worn out, well used toys sat in crooked rows on tables. They shouted to us as we approached, "YARD SALE....come to our yard sale! Just a dollar!" They surrounded Charles, wanting him to look at their things, "Well I don't need to buy anything, but here is a few dollars for you anyway." He pulled three dollars out of his wallet. It was cute.

As I walked up to each house, I was silently praying that God would bless them with the knowledge of HImself and the knowledge of salvation and His love for them. I prayed that they would be drawn to one of our Easter weekend services and find a place of acceptance and love awaiting them.

Saturday afternoon I hung out a bit with my friends Kelly and Joann. We went to Curves to check it out and found they have a great deal if you sign up with them in March. So we will go this week and join. They are trying to get their bodies strong for a mission trip to Africa this September. I just want to get my exercise and have energy. (and drop some pounds I am praying!)

Saturday nightIt's kind of strange to admit, but I read the obituaries almost everyday for our area online. Several people I have known have gone through it since I began doing this and after seeing how many people die who are in their 40's and 50's, it makes life seem more urgent....more fragile and dear. Today I found out a dear man we know passed away.

My sister and brother in law have a cute cabin near Payson and they bought there because their best friends' and their parents owned a cabin in the same area....a two minute walk away from my sister's cabin if you're slow. The father of the clan passed away while recuperating from a stroke this week. We will miss him. He would work on his cabin, in the yard or in his little shop and if we came over to talk, he would sit on his porch swing and we would visit Jerry and his wife Verlene....often for long talks. They loved Maggie. We have a picture of Maggie sitting in the swing with Jerry, chatting it up when she was about four. She would chat away (and she can still out-jaw anyone we've ever met) and he would listen, nod his head, and occasionally (when she took a breath) he would comment on what she was saying.

The huge thing about that (which shows true and deep character) was that he really listened to what she was saying and would thoughtfully respond to her thoughts. It was very cool. We'll miss visiting with him, but I happen to know that he is at the feet of Jesus right now, awaiting his reward and worshipping around the throne......maybe beside my dad.

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