April 27, 2007

Warm afternoons

This afternoon's temperature: 97ยบ. Time spent standing out on the playground watching children play: 1 1/2 hours. It was a good day though (didn't have to blow my whistle once), after a rough one yesterday. My temporary crown fell off yesterday while I was at work, then I had a run in with one of the kids, who I had to do a 'write up' on and then talk with a parent....not fun, very stressful. I was bummed.

Because of the heat lately (which is here to stay now and will only get worse in Phoenix), we walk around the playground misting kids with garden spray bottles. Well, I should say, we mist some of the children. For others, we set the bottle on the long, streaming setting and pummel them. It's fun because they do not have spray bottles and we do. >=) If they had spray bottles too, it would not be fun. (and I hope they never get a hold of one while I'm out there)

We have the same kind of bottles for cleaning in the room....but they have different labels. The bottles for cleaning say: BLEACH in huge letters. The bottles for spraying kids say: CHILDREN. When we broke out the spray bottles on Wednesday, the kids kept asking, "Are those the bleach bottles?" It was so tempting to look at the bottle after spraying them in the face and gasp, "OH NO......it's BLEACH!!" heehee

But I didn't! A few of the older ones tried to scare us though, by yelling, as if they were in pain, after we squirted them in the face. =) I am humbled (quite well) by the fact that the middle school kids have the same sense of humor as I do.....*ahem*