March 20, 2008


There is a cute application on Facebook called Superlatives. You nominate people to be 'most likely to'.

I was so own daughter Bethany nominated me as

-Most Likely To Be Amazing in General
-Most Likely To Make Better Decisions for Me Than I Do
-Most Likely To Inspire Others
-Most Likely To Kick it With Jesus Someday
-Most Likely To Throw You a Surprise Party for Your Birthday
- Most Likely To Make me Laugh

All very nice things to say! Gee whiz! *kicks a rock bashfully*

But the same dear daughter also nominated me as:

-Most Likely To Have a Blonde Moment
-Most Likely To Walk into a Pole

uh HUH

Ten more Superlatives nominations and I will be 'famous' by the way...not a hint.......I'm just sayin....

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