March 7, 2008

Friday night's alright

Charles and I used one of our many, many new gift cards to have a nice night out at Olive Garden restaurant. Last Sunday was the second anniversary Charles becoming the pastor of this church, so they gave us a huge surprise gift card showering. Each Bible study class and ministry area took up love offerings and bought us gift cards. For a long time, we will be enjoying movies, eating out, buying things to fix up our home from Home Depot and Target, as well as other places. They children's, youth and college departments took up an offering for our children too. It was overwhelming. I haven't even been able to mention it until now because it took a while for it to soak in.

But now I am ready to shop! =) We plan to replace some fixtures and the sinks in our two bathrooms and maybe a new bedspread set. The men's group in our church recently repainted our kitchen cabinets and replaced our counters and kitchen sink for us. would have been years for us to make those changes and now it's all beautiful and cheerful! And our new sink fixture doesn't leak...woohoo!

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