April 27, 2012

Game on!

Today as I was driving along, zoning out, I noticed something in the SUV in front of me.

Two tiny arms and hands went up into the air from a car seat in that back of that car and I smiled and prayed for that little child and their family. It was my first time to try out my new little game with the Maker of little hands.

I'm going to love this game. :)

April 25, 2012

Am I crazy or is this pretty cool?

My themes for the past couple of weeks:

-People waving from their cars. I guess I am driving a lot these days because this is when I've noticed all of these themes. I don't think the people were waving at me, but I have never seen so many people waving out of their car windows before. It's kind of hard to notice who they are waving to while I'm trying to drive.

A couple of days ago, Emma and I pulled up behind a car at a light and the driver waved out the window. It looked like they were waving behind them.... to us. I pointed it out to Emma, asking if she knew them and then telling her about my waving theme. She laughed and just then, the passenger of the same car stuck out their arm really high and waved too! There were no people on the street no one was looking at them from another car by us. It was so interesting. Later I saw someone put their arm out like you do when you are making your hand ride the air current, but it was an exaggerated, whole arm air riding dramatic motion. It was almost like they were raising their hand to volunteer for some unknown (at the time) need.

-Bike trailers. People all over Phoenix are hauling things around behind their bikes. I've even seen one homely-made trailer that was set up on extra bicycle wheels. I started laughing out loud the other day with Emma in the car and had to tell her about the trailer theme. She thinks I'm a little strange, but she was entertained, especially when we kept seeing them. I must add though, that when you are a very scruffy, maybe even sketchy looking old man, you should not use a baby carrier as your bike trailer. It is disturbing. I know you probably do not have a baby in that carrier, most likely it's just your laundry, but it sure does make my insides feel goofy for a few seconds.

-Pillows. I keep seeing throw pillows on the street. I know they fall off of vehicles when people move their belongings, but I have never seen so many throw pillows on the streets before. So far, I've seen a rust colored one, seafoam green (they were lucky to be rid of it, imho), one striped and one very dusty, long forgotten floral.

-Kidney stones. There have been people from all areas of my life suffering with these lately. This includes me, unfortunately.

After a very bad bout of kidney stones and laser and lithotripsy treatment two weeks ago, I am finally free from pain and able to resume some normal amounts of activity. In fact, I'm feeling more spunky than I have in months and maybe longer. I didn't realize they were affecting my general health so much. But I am really thankful to finally be feeling normal again. (yeah, I know I know...you are hilarious...I just mean normal for ME)

In January, I wrote about VWs and number patterns that I kept seeing. I don't know about the VW's .....unless it was because their advertising motto when I looked it up was "There is power in numbers," which gave me a short surge in adrenaline when I saw it. It was Hannah's idea to look on the VW page and see if anything struck me. I was like.....weird!....cool.....hmmmm. Over the next few days, as I pondered this, I decided to pray for people who were on my mind when I saw the number patterns.

And I keep seeing the patterns. It is so fun and cool to be reminded by God several times a day to pray. It's like we have a little game, a code, a plan, we are taking action. There is power in numbers.....there is power in prayer too,  I reckon, so there you have it.

SomeOne knows how to get my attention and interest.

It's fun to think of what the current themes mean...if they mean anything. Maybe the people who are waving are in need of prayer. (Yes, me! Oooo, ooo, choose me! Pray for meeeee!)  Prayer is the way to help people who need to be picked up and carried by God (bike trailer), so that they can rest in Him (pillows). And maybe specifically because they have kidney stones?  Oh the possibilities....