March 6, 2008

Such a pain in the neck

I am sitting here on the couch, trying to find a comfortable position. I woke up this morning and could barely move my neck at all from side to side and not forward either. It made getting ready for work very slow and painful. I took a hot shower, running hot water on my neck, loosening it up just a little bit. By the time I was dressed (pulling off my pajammas and pulling on a t-shirt was almost unbarable) I was exhausted and just wanted to lay my head down for support. So as silly as it sounded as I talked on the phone, I called in sick for having a pain in the neck.

And it is all American Idol's fault.

I went to bed on time last night, but had missed Tuesday and Wednesday night this week of AI because of church meetings, so I got on the AI internet sight. There is a link there to the videos of the performance videos from this week, with a pull down menu on the left of each contestant's performance. I began watching and took off my glasses to see the small video window better, so pulled closer to my laptop, which was sitting on my nightstand. I was leaning on my left hand, leaning in closer to the computer, and concentrating (I guess) to hear the songs. Apparently this is a big no no position for healthy neck and spine. I didn't realize it though until I was done watching both the boys' and the girls' performance videos. ehn I got up to rearrange for sleeping and my neck got a 'catch' in it, almost throwing me to the ground. So I stretched and rubbed it, but it did not go away. I woke up 2 times during the night, having to make a little trip to the water closet, and still....stiff, pain, no movement. ehn

This morning I have been gently stretching, I took 3 advil, try not to hold my neck in one position for too long and I keep putting my head back on a pillow to give it a rest from holding my gigantic head up! I don't usually feel like I have a gigantic head, but when your neck's like carrying around an over-sized bowling ball on your neck!


I'm such a dork!


slavetoChrist said...

hey there.. I don't know if you would remember anyone from WBS .. but me and my fiance both used to chat on there... her handle was wpwwinnie .. and my handle changed many times.. I was all kinds of "poets" ... and for a while had a very... colorful vocabulary.

hope all is well.. :)

crickl's nest said...

Remember? Of course I remember you....Jon, right?

Come back again! Tell Winnie hi!

slavetoChrist said...

yeah.. well.. a lot has changed since the "good old days" .. how are you?

she says hi. :)