March 6, 2008

A Limerick for March

Robin at Pensieve is having another Pensieve's Poetic License day. I'm trying it again, this time with correct form and following every rule. *blush* This month's challenge is writing a limerick using March words.

O' the Irish have such a fine Easter
And a green shamrock kite is a pleaser
But when leprechauns sing
And it's windy in Spring
Flying kites will toss you on your keister!

And another:

Have you seen the Spring Shamrock so green
Sweetest kite that the Irish had seen
But a leprechaun came
Said the wind was to blame
And that Easter kite blew off the string


Michele said...

wow. you've really outdone yourself. three posts in one day!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

OOOoooo! GREAT JOB! Color me (green with envy) IMPRESSED!!!

THANKS for joining in again this month...and hey, I don't mind rule benders or breakers :). That just gives me one more reason to smile.

(Do you get sick of me telling you how much I love your clean, simple design? I guess the gerbera seals it, but seeing your page makes me wonder about having less color....)


Jana said...

Ooo, very nice! Good job!

Pamela said...

wow.... your 2nd one is so very similar to one I wrote last night. It was after midnight and "reason" did not win the moment.

I went with the silly instead.

Hey... you "done" great. I bow---

The Roaming Southerner said...

I really like the rhyming of pleaser with Keister...nice!

Sandy said...

Terrific job on the limericks and Robin is right. Your blog design is absolutely gorgeous. I may have to rethink mine...

Karmyn R said...

I'm laughing! My husband made one too and used Kiester too! ha ha

Marsha said...

Great job on the limericks and I also love your simplistic but very classy blog design!

swampy said...

I love it when "poets" rhyme with Easter...keister...seester...
Love your design, so simple yet so elegant.
My limerick had to do with the wind,too, except it wasn't blowing kites around.

e-Mom said...

These are really fun, Christie!!!

Robin has a great thing going doesn't she? :~D