May 14, 2007

Seven Things I've Learned

e-mom and Iris have tagged me for the 7 things meme. The instructions for the meme are to list 7 random things about yourself. These are not random things though. I wanted this to be more useful than that this time. If you want random, you can look at my 100 things about me post. It took me forEVER to write it.

So here no certain order....7 things I have learned in my life. I have learned a few more than 7 things in my life, but to comply with the meme, I will post 7. =)

1. Ever since I began learning about the Myers Briggs personality profiles, I am almost obsessed with figuring people out. I love to try to determine if they are an E or I or a P or J. I think it's made me a much more understanding and tolerant person, realizing that a person's personality is inborn. I am an ESFP. If you take the test at the bottom of the page, let me know what your 4 letters are please!

2. Experience is almost everything. The more experiences I have in life, good or bad, happy or sad, the more empathy I have in my head/heart for others. It helps me have a better perspective on life. It helps me to be more merciful and compassionate. This also helps me not to be so afraid to have new experiences.

3. Processing and debriefing of daily experiences is so important to growth. I have never been a muller, a processor or an analyzer. I started this blog over 2 years ago as a creative outlet, but a lot of the time I find myself analyzing or debriefing myself as I write. And I'll be saying to myself...'wow, that's what God is teaching me in this'. I had a hard time doing this all my life (I think I"m a little ADD and can't focus on one thing long enough to feel as if I understand it), but writing it out, knowing it will be read by my faithful handful of readers helps me to organize and process my thoughts and experiences like I've never done before. It is like an incredible gift from God.

Kinda makes me feel more grown up. ;)

3. God is good. I always thought it was true, but now I know it is. I have experienced it, seen others experience it and have seen how something good always comes, even when it took a hard time to achieve it. I don't mean physical blessings or an easy life. The good things are often seen in how it affects or influences other lives, not only our own.

4. Friendship is a good investment. I have a hard time concentrating on just one friend long enough to really bond and let myself be known. But it is worth it, even if it does mean it makes it harder to move on, away from the relationship when God leads one of you away in our very transient culture.

5. Laughter is great medicine and making people laugh can be as good or better than counseling with them for an hour. This is good because I am not a gifted counsellor.....but I have been known to make people laugh.

6. People are so right about your 40''s all true. Depressing, but true. So stay out of the sun, floss!, don't lift heavy thing (!), exercise regularly and eat right....please.

7. I don't know much. Sometimes I think I have certain aspects of life or my relationship with God or how the Church should be or marriage or parenting 'all figured out'. I am always humbled to find that there is so much more to it and that my 'knowledge' was so small. There is always so much more to learn about life, my children, marriage, God, His Word or the Church.

Now the hard part. I have to tag 7 other bloggers to do the meme. (but I don't think that many people read this...ha)
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