March 9, 2008

Africa, hockey and milk....

This morning we had a good Bible study in our 'First Friends' class as well as an awesome church service. Our team of six ladies who have committed to go to Mozambique Africa this September to teach women there, each gave a testimony about how God moved them to do this and how He is equipping them to go. It will be very rough, traveling hours between groups in the back of a covered pick up most likely. The missionaries there are from our church and I don't know who is more excited, the women going or the family who will be hosting them.

Our men are going this June, including my husband. They will be teaching men there. They have a lot of men ready and who feel called to be pastors in their communities, but little training. So the missionaries there have training events. They gave their testimonies last week. Next week our youth and college group will give testimonies about how they came to sign up for a mission trip to Mozambique next summer.

Now it is Sunday night. My husband and teens are beginning their first Sunday night foot hockey games. The youth room IS a hockey rink and they are very serious about their teams and games. I think it lasts 8 weeks. I'm sure you'll hear more about it and perhaps see some photos of the action in the coming weeks. After having my sister, her family and my mom to lunch, I put my head down for a minute and woke up an hour later, realizing I needed to get to the store. Have you ever woken up to the thought of....MILK! ? If you're a mom, I'll bet you have! If my children do not have milk in the morning to put on their new cereal, I will not be Miss Popular around here! Mission accomplished and here I am, on the couch (nice, nice couch) and writing to you. (nice, nice you)

Have a nice great week.

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