September 2, 2008

As the daze go by

Things I can't seem to get up the gumption to write about:

~Hurricanes. One after the other...yikes. Praying for the southeast.
~Monsoon storms here in Phoenix with hurricane force winds (80-100 mph) last Thursday night.
~Political conventions, interesting things you learn in a political race, and why.....oh, nevermind.
~People going to Africa, Korea, and all those utter parts!
~Second graders who do really funny things....which I can't recall right now, but I do laugh a lot at school.
~Maisy methodically sneaking and stealing paper products from my pantry, then tearing them limb from limb in the living room. She can steal a stack of paper bowls one at a time until the whole pile is gone and in shreds before I come to and realize it!
~A girl in college who freely gave her cell number to a stalker last week.
~A girl who is a new driver, who keeps coming in happily after driving and announcing things like, "I pulled in to the garage all by myself! It's straight! AND I didn't hit anything!" (makes my eyes bug out)
~The instantly sobering feeling lately hearing about gobs of people (who are my age or younger) who are having strokes, cancer, weird new diseases, having fatal accidents and in general scaring the bits out of me.
~Photos I've taken that I could have posted.
~Links to cool things my blogging friends have written.
~'Interesting' menopausal moments.

Yet, here my blog sits, quiet and me lately.

Now that I have that out of my system, maybe I can get my gumption up tomorrow. Does anyone else feel in a daze lately?


Lanell said...

It seems as if you experienced a hurricane if you had 80-100 mph winds. We only got 40-50 with Gustav and a lot of rain, and more rain. Say a prayer that Ike fizzles out and doesn't come in the gulf. One to worry about in a month is enough! Menopausal moments, relate to that. So much cancer being diagnosed and yes younger people dying. You know what though. Told my dad yesterday, only God knows when He is going to take us and being positive and happy is all we have today since we may not have tomorrow. Wait till Maisy grabs the toilet paper and runs and rolls your house before it actually breaks:) My peek-a-poo did that many times and you were laughing so hard you couldn't get mad. Have a great day!

Tanya said...

I think I've been in a daze all summer ... thank the Lord for auto-pilot!

KQ said...

yes, in a daze. For me - I am concerned that this dazey-feeling may be a (mild) return of depression in disguise; I've gone off meds in favor of a less costly herbal option. But then, it may just be the overwhelming exposure to new job, new commute, politics, new pastor, committee work... you get the idea.
It helps to look for the good things: photo-worthy moments, laughter-inducing children and pups, etc. etc... all the blessings of everyday life! Take care of yourself, my friend, and I promise to do the same for myself!
love, KQ