September 17, 2008

Oh my Lilly

I'm either a fount of blogging posts or a dry well. But I have an excuse this time. I haven't felt very well this week.

So I wrote and then deleted a pathetic blog entry.

I actually just got on here to write a quick update about Lilly of the Valley. She is sick and they think she has malaria. That part of Africa is malaria country, so you are bound to get it if you are there for a while. But this will be her second round of illness since she left in mid August. Please pray for her health....and for her team as well. They will be moving into small villages this week to make relationships and do story-telling.

So please lift her up as she is in misery and far from home right now.


Alida said...

I am praying!!!

Taylor said...

Oh No!! :( Its never fun to get sick and be away form home. Ill be praying that the Lord will give her good health and lots of strength. She is in Gods hands. :)
God Bless,