September 22, 2008

Update 5 from Lilly of the Valley

We got another update from Lilly of the Valley. I will copy part of her email so that you can see how she has to write in code because emails are screened in this heavily muslim country.

As I said before, Heather and I will be living in a concrete house, which is nicer, but it is also better for our situation. The village that I will be living in is known for its sp*r*t**l oppression. It is known as on of the most evil villages in this area due to its strong influence of w*tch crft. It is a place that the last semester girls loved and you can tell because all the people who knew them loved them. It is going to be difficult, but extremely good! The Father has placed me there for a reason. The Father is bigger than anything that Stn can throw our way. His power extends to the ends of the earth and of whom shall I be afraid, whom shall I fear?? A blssng that we are living in this concrete house is that we are not living in our dad’s compound and that we can set our own boundaries and not have to be so much under his authority. We have the most amazing neighbor H. She seems very protective, but hospitable and is a great leader. She would make a great sister…yarp that she comes to know the true road this semester.

On the other side of the village of S there is a little girl and she is crippled. She crawls on her hands and knees and has been this way since she was born. Yarp that she will receive healing. I believe that the Father could do such a thing, even meeting her has caused my f**th to grow. How incredible would it be if the Father displayed His glry through her…just think of the possibility! Yarp that the Father would do His will in that situation!

I do not have malaria praise JC, but I also did not have anything show up in my other tests. My stomach is just NOT ok. B and K’s doctor friend put me on some medicine and I am feeling a little better. It should kill anything that is in me!!! We saw L that day and she was doing much better. By Wednesday L came back to Kollo!!! Which is amazing because B and K can support her better here rather than in the city. Thursday was spent in the bush and was semi-stressful! I believe that the Father let me see a glimpse of the evil that is in this place to make me prepare for it, but there is A LOT of spiritual oppression in our village.. Stn does not want us to be there, but praise JC that the Father does. These people need JC!!

It is so amazing the work that she gets to see, do and experience. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pray for missionaries out in the world, especially in these semi-closed countries.

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Jodi said...

Hi Crickl!

Thanks for the great post of your friends work in Gods harvest! You are so right that prayer is essential to His work!!!

Blessings to you!