September 12, 2008

Moz report and second grade sentences

Please stay in prayer for our ladies and man in Mozambique this weekend. They are traveling now, going to a village to teach a women's conference. Read their recent reports here! They are having fun, getting quite an eyeful and missing their families. Please pray for endurance, energy and even emotions for them during this time. For the weekend and also for next weekend, they will be staying in camping tents in these villages, using a homemade outhouse and eating unfamiliar foods that the villagers will be preparing for them. (scary) When you are out in a foreign country, at the mercy of the locals there, it can be very intimidating and frightening. They really do appreciate your prayers, even a quick heartfelt one as you finish this paragraph. =) Thank you!

On a lighter note, I was grading homework packets today. The second graders have to write a sentence for each of their spelling words. It always cracks me up to grade these, as the sentences are sometimes quite telling! (the spelling words are underlined)

~My teacher is mean.
~I am tired of this.
~I love my teacher hundred and more.
~I have too much page. (no spelling word in this sentence, I guess they just wanted us to know)
~My dog goes to bed at 9:20. (does it also tell time!?)
~My dad likes to keep his shoes organized. (reminded me of Charles. While my shoes are tossed in from across the room, his are neatly set in pairs. Sometimes I find that the closet elf has set my shoes up right too.)


e-Mom said...

OK, hands folded, praying...

You have some very smart students. :~D

Amy said...

Not missing the grading these days!!!

Sometimes, 5th graders are pretty funny, the girl who was labeling the colonies the week after I taught human growth and development. She misspelled Virginia...I vowed never to teach colonies and human growth the same week again....LOL!