August 30, 2008

Schlepping over

The last of the birthday party guests left an hour ago. It is now about 9pm. The girls were really no problem and they had a lot of fun swimming, eating out by the pool and playing Playstation 2 games. They also built a tent with sheets in Maggie's room to sleep under.

At 11pm I sent them to bed. They were talking quietly and sleepily, so I went to bed myself. But before I went to sleep, I started hearing laughing, then squealing and then screaming. So I walked into Maggie's room all serious, and there was Bethany, my 18 year old, on the ground under the tent, being held down and screaming for help. She had sneaked in there and was telling stories with the girls when they turned on her, held her down and had a tickling fest.

I laughed all the way back to bed.

Now I have 3 teenagers coming over after a get together to spend tonight.

Someone please slap me.


Alida said...

sounds like fun to me!!

Animal lover said...

I know this seems wayyy to late to post a comment on this post -- but I must say it sure served Bethany right!
That was a fun B-day party, and I laugh to think that I was one of those girls who attacked Beth in the tickle fight...
In addtion to that making me laugh, I still remember the stories she told us. They were quite interesting...

-See ya

crickl said...

I'm glad you remember it! I don't remember things like this until I read it again, so I'm glad I wrote it down. =)