September 22, 2008

League of pdubs and missionary chicks update

The League of Pastor's Wives page has been relaunched and is now at a new address. Please take note. There is a cute button you can put on your sidebar if you'd like to put word out for these great ladies too. (see it in my sidebar, the code is on the league page) If you are a ministry wife of any kind, you are welcome to send in your blog address there and join us! Your blog does not have to be about ministry. ;)

Also a quick note, our missionary chicks are coming home! They will be leaving shortly and come home. It seems like it's been a long time since we saw them off at the airport. Here is their blog about their trip! It's very interesting reading!

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e-Mom said...

Great! Thanks for the update. I'll add this information to my recent post about the League.

Hugs, e-Mom