September 23, 2008

Yeah toast!

My teens keep saying something and I was wondering where they got it, so I looked it up. They keep saying 'Yeah, toast!' in a high falsetto voice with their eyes shut, saying it is from a song about toast.

Just for diversion: The toast song.

So now that I know it's not from something strange or off color or something, I respond to them about 1/4 of the time saying "yeah, toast!"

I was trying to annoy Bethany with it in the grocery store today.....but a small Spanish speaking man gave me a strange look....heh


Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

I love this song! I grew up listening to Heywood Banks (or is it Haywood??? I can't remember.), and I love him still! His songs are always clean - free of cuss words and "adult" material. It's so hard to find clean comedy these days.

BJ said...

BJ, here crickl I loved the toast song, and am glad that you possess one more weapon in the arsenal of teen aged annoyment! Keep up the good work