September 13, 2008

Weathering the storm

Some friends of ours are in Houston. He is being treated at the cancer center there, and they have been commuting for treatments there, then flying back to Arizona. They are stuck there now. He is in the middle of some intense treatments, so they did not leave. Here is the text message from his wife, L, that her cousin received this morning and then the group email her cousin sent out:

good morning just woke up
very ruf night
we are fine
worse over I think
I will call later
no coffee no power
hot sticky

And about the last call they were able to make before the storm:

When I spoke with her yesterday they were getting ready to hunker down. R had the air conditioner on HIGH, preparing for the heat once the power went out. They knew that they would loose power and cell service – even though they would be able to text. They had gone to Target the day before to get a battery operated radio and butterfingers (the necessities). They had already stocked up on groceries and water. She had packed all of their clothes etc and put them in the bathroom. The hotel had stocked up on food, ammenaties and brought in their own families and pets. They said they would not leave the quests. L said that some members of FEMA were also staying at their hotel; I think that made her feel better. She had even gotten some packing tips from the FEMA guys (she always makes new friends there). I am sure as soon as they get power and cell service she will call – I will let you know ASAP.

Thank you for your prayers....for Houston and all the people who had to stay there, and also for R as he is getting this intense batch of chemo.

Lots to pray about these days I've been noticing.

What Ike looks like to us,

And what it looks like to Galveston, Houston and all along the coast there:

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Taylor said...

Wow that is horrible!! I am already praying. Thanz for sharring. Very sad very sad.