February 27, 2008

Spring Fever or something

It almost got up to 80 degrees today.

I came home today to find the puppy had gone on a rampage.

So I went around and fixed all the damage Maisy had done, including chewing up neon pink and orange markers on my bedspread!!! It's in the wash. She also emptied out one of my outdoor planters (she's been seeing me garden and maybe thought she would 'help'?) and she had dragged Bethany's cute lacey shirt outside along with my socks. WHAT a pill! It's a good thing she's as cute as the dickens.

Today at recess, the second grade boys were playing tag. 'Base' was anything purple.

Guess what color shirt I was wearing today?

(it's a good thing they are cute too)

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Alida said...

oh the joys of small animals and children!!