February 4, 2008

The Man Cold

What do you do when your man has a cold?

1. Plan lots of events and meetings that require your attendance.
2. Buy lots of soup, crackers and sudaphed, then try to block out the rampant coughing fits coming from your bedroom.
3. Go to him, immediately, stroke his head and say, "Poor little bunny."

My day:
~Woke up with a sore throat and sinus headache.
~Decided not to take a sick day.
~Worked 6 hours with second graders.
~Came home to no Sudafed.
~Had to go out and brave Walmart to get my Sudafed. (my head is thanking me even as I type this)
~Ran to my car in the parking lot in a downpour of freezing rain (slush falling from the sky).
~Put away stuff from store.
~Got my sweats on and settled into my bed beside Charles who is still trying to get over a cold he's had for 2 weeks.
~Opened my computer and viewed this video which was brought to my attention by my friend Michelle.
~Shrieked with laughter.......it seemed so relevant to my life right now.
~Charles just sat quietly nodding his head and chuckling and finally said, "Well that's probably the truth."

I had to put that in writing while he remembers he said it. Okay, he's not really THIS bad when he's sick, but we still found it familiar.

See it for yourself:


Shash said...

I sent this out to all my friends, it's very accurate!! ;-)

joannmski said...

Aw. I hope Pastor Little Bunny feels better soon. Oh yeah, and you too, although I'm sure your cold is much less serious than his, being a woman cold and all. ;-)