February 15, 2008

Good people

PhotobucketI just watched an amazing news story. If you want to watch it, the video is here. It is a report on a storage place for frozen embryos. Thousands of embryos kept on ice. Every city probably has a place like this, but here is the amazing part. These scientists and doctors who take very meticulous care of the embryos, actually CARE for these potential human life. It breaks their hearts when people who have embryos stored there call up and ask that the rest of their embryos be destroyed. Like one of the men said, "We may have a possible future president of the United States in there."

The clincher is at the end of the story. They don't really throw the embryos away. They save them and keep them for another 10 years, just in case there is a chance of the parents donating the embryo to another couple or want to use them themselves. I got a lump in my throat listening to how they respect those little tubes that hold something very precious. "Precious cargo" is what one of them called it.

I call that good reporting.....and good people.

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