February 26, 2008

Larry Norman 1947-2008

Larry Norman died Sunday of heart failure. He was called the 'father of Christian rock' and I used to have all his albums....those big, black vinyl thingies. He wrote, I Wish We'd All Been Ready , Only Visiting This Planet, UFO, Why Don't You Look into Jesus, etc, etc. I used to know them all.

He's probably best known for this song:

But this is why he was so controversial: (mild for today's audience, but back then...yikes. Apparently this video is from the 80's...ha...but he wrote it back in the early 70's I think)

He was keeping it real before the Church realized what was really happening out there.


Kathy said...

Thanks, crick'l,

What a sweet, poignant tribute to Larry.

We saw him at a small gathering 6 or so years ago, just before he got sick. He was so kind to us, gentle and approachable.

He'll be missed. Thank you, sister-friend. First, little kids, pastors and now this!

Gette said...

Oh for the eighties hair and clothes in that second clip. My teen years are back to haunt me!