February 13, 2008

Apple green.....an ode to paint

Robin at Pensieve is having a poetry carnival. (not a contest, sorry) The quirkier the better is the word. Here is my entry. I wrote it 2 years ago when we had first moved into our Phoenix home and I began painting like a maniac.

Ode to paint

PhotobucketApple green, apple green,
I love to paint things apple green...
It looks so clean,
With satin sheen,
Oh how I love this apple green...

I paint my kitchen ceiling nook
I paint it in the bath
But when I’m done
I look to see my children shake and laugh

Cuz while I painted to and fro
I splattered paint on hair and clothes
On my glasses, up my nose
Even green on my pink toes

No matter....

Photobucket...I’ll paint it in each of my rooms
(Tho' you may say, she writes on fumes!)
But I say, "Oh no
I really do just love it so…"
Oh, this green with it's sheen,
It's so keen
Even if it's hard to clean....
....Off nose and hair and toes and jeans.

Tomorrow I will paint with brown
And I’ll think of rhymes and write them all down.


Brandon Satrom said...

Nice poem! I laughed out loud at the writing of fumes phrase. :)

Sieglinde said...

I can relate....only I'm having a love affair with red, black and white paint at the moment. It kinda takes over your life, doesn't it? Great poem!

Robin said...

Well, now, you had fun with this, didn't you? Which tells me, you MUST write more poetry! Come back next month when we'll be writing (shhh! don't tell) limericks!

I think you subscribed to the "No rules, just write" part of Pensieve's Poetic License (smiling); which is alright by me.

Thanks for joining in this month. And I guess I should tell ya this is more a Carnival than a Contest--the only prize is self satisfaction and the applause of blogging buds :).

Karina said...

Oh, I love it! So much fun!

Karmyn R said...

FUN! Apple Green - a very lively color.

Sandy said...

Oh, that is fun! I love apple green and I can just see your kiddoes laughing at you.

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Jana said...

Very cute! I love the imagery of green paint all over everything!

karisma said...

That was certainly very quirky! Your painting skills sound a bit like mine.

PearLady said...

Hey, it's all green. Gotta love it! :D Very neat.

Michele said...

don't paint brown though! keep it all apple green!