February 11, 2008

Partied out

Very busy weekend. Friday we ran around, shopped and cleaned for dd's party on Sat. Saturday we had the party lived to tell about it. 20+ teens, bunches of hot dogs, burgers, pinto beans (ha) and chips. And I made 2 cakes. They played ping pong, listened to music, played PS2, sat outside and talked, jumped on the trampoline, then tried to throw each other in the POOL (even in Phx the pool is extremely cold in FEB). They chickened out and no one got throw in. People threatened that they had their cell phones in their pocket or that they would get revenge. THEN after all of that drama, they all decided they would jump in together. So they all (ok, not all, about 7) put on Emma and Bethany's shorts and jumped in, only to scramble out in record time.

I think it was Bethany who started talking about what a cute little kid Emma was when she was little. So we got out some priceless home videos of those days. Emma was almost 2, Bethany almost 4, and Hannah was 5. Maggie was still a twinkle in her daddy's eye. ;) I think it was the the most fun of the evening. Those kids laughed their heads off and Emma kept burying her head down in embarrassment. At one point in the video, Emma went running into the bathroom and everyone cheered, because I told them there was a potty training moment on the tape. Bethany called everyone's attention to the tape and was giggling, thinking she would humiliate her sister (all in good fun). But when the camera turned the corner into the bathroom, it was Bethany who was buck naked and playing in the tub!

You never saw someone move so fast to cover up a wide screen television while trying to stop a video! It was a priceless moment and we all still laugh out loud when we mention it.

They had a pinata, a 3 ft tall Mexican donkey (or bull), filled with candy. They each took a turn smacking it, then after it broke only a few of the younger ones dove for the candy. The rest of them tore up the donkey and went around smacking each other with it's limbs.

By 7pm they all headed out to a church softball game. Hannah and I stayed home and watched Waitress. I laid on the couch and didn't move til it was over. Maisy laid in the crook of my bent legs the whole time too. She was tuckered from keeping track of all those people all day.

I got video of some of it, so I'll put it on my blog here soon.

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