February 13, 2008

Just shoot me....


An evil plague has taken residence here and I am ill prepared to slay it.

I have the flu.

Sunday night I started feeling feverish and achy and coughed extra hard. By morning I could not aim my arms in the direction I wanted them to go or focus on ......anything. Now after 3 full days of it, I am still coughing so much my lungs hurt, blowing more goo out of my nose than any human could possibly fit into their head, and although I am not feverish anymore, everything on my skin and inside it is aching.

Today was actually a slight turning point, as my head did not hurt like someone had played the drums enthusiastically on it all night, and I also spent more hours vertical than horizontal today. But now I am surrendering to the aches again and I don't know....this is not a really interesting or encouraging blog post, but it's where I am and it's not a good place. I think I need my mommy. If you feel the need to put on a germ mask and sanitize your hands after your visit here, you are a wise, wise person, and I do not blame you.

So....what do you do while you're sick...I mean to pass the time (because I've noticed there is a lot of time during the day recently). I found myself cheering for the end of the Hollywood writers' strike and crying during the American Idol cuts tonight. Oh, also cried during Supernanny. And the commercials seem sad lately too....so emotional. Seeing the cupid being so mistreated on the Walgreens commercial....it's just more than I can take. My dog is even sighing more.

Since my head didn't hurt today, I did play a hog's share of web sudoku, Free Rice, and the very entertaining Dialectizer. My favorite dialects are the Swedish Chef and Elmer Fudd. Anyone who has some boring reading to do, must use the dialectizer before beginning. (please)

If you have a mind to, please pray for us to get well. I need to get back to work (those second graders miss me, I know they do). Also Charles came home with dreadful news tonight......he's achy and coughing.


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joannmski said...

So sorry about all that sickness! Praying for you guys.