November 26, 2007

Wishing it was Wednesday....

I have so much to write about from the past week, but very little time to myself lately, so it will have to wait. I will still try my best to post something each day, at least M-F, but I don't know how entertaining it will be....cuz I am tired! Now I have only one hour left of Monday, so I'd better get this post up!

The main thing on my mind tonight is that my little pup is going under the knife tomorrow morning. She's getting spayed. It is worrying me beyond reason. She knows something is up too....very intuitive. We all keep hugging her and tonight I was carrying her around and got out her leash and vaccination papers and she wanted down. She went straight to her crate for bed. I usually have to coerce her into it with a dog treat, but tonight she climbed in without even being told it was bed time, to escape some kind of doom it seemed. (and no treat because she couldn't eat tonight after 7pm, so that probably hurt her dog feelings)

I wish it was Wednesday tomorrow instead of Tuesday.....then it would be over.


joannmski said...

Oh my. Hope all goes well for the little fluffy girl.

e-Mom said...

OH.... I'm sorry! (((Hugs))