November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day 2007

I was listening to a radio station this morning while doing an errand. A man had called in to answer an appeal for Veteran's Day stories. He said that he and his wife went out to a nice restaurant once a week for dinner and he felt compelled by God to honor a couple there. I came in late to the story, but he knew somehow that the man was a veteran. He called his waiter over and gave him the money to buy the couple's dinner anonymously. He then felt inspired to do this each week as they went on their date, asking the waiters there to find out which patrons that evening were veterans. It became such a habit that the restaurant manager talked to him one day, appreciating this gesture to honor vets and that he was going to start doing the same thing once in a while.

And now, watching the news on television, I am inspired to look for an online tribute to share here. Our veterans are our heroes, our freedom is their sacrifice. That is worthy of so much honor.....they have done so much, sacrificed years of their lives to defend our own country as well as coming to the aid of other countries. It is important to remember...

Here is an online memorial tribute.

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