November 1, 2007

November 1

.....and it is still warm enough during the day to run the air conditioning.

And that is all I"m saying about that....I don't want to be a whiiiiiiiiiiiner. It's just that I"m finding it hard to get into the holiday mood. By now my house usually smells of scented holiday candles, my husband would be having little evening fires in his chiminea, and we are listening to a lot of Christmas music.

It's just unusually warm this year, even for Phoenix. I sure hope the mood kicks in soon though. There is nothing better than a nice holiday season. We're having Thanksgiving at our house this year, along with relatives and maybe a few others. The mood should be settling in while I am busy planning a menu and trying to find a good tablecloth to use. I looked at Target today but all I found were some fall decorations for half price. =) You just can't argue with a 69 cent grapevine pumpkin.....or, apparently, a six dollar set of three nature thingie covered balls the size of grapefruits in a rustic wooden box. It looks nice on my living room shelf.

My puppy got shots today. She is feeling whimpy.

I woke up with a cold in my throat this morning. bleh

My kitchen cabinets are DONE and back on their hinges!!!!! I picked out the new countertops but they will be installed at a later date. I will ask Michelle to hassle me to get the before/after pics up by tomorrow.

I took a seven year old to the nurse's office first thing this morning with a potentially school shutting down germ. I will let you know if it really is....I'm kind of worried and am about 99% sure that it was indeed the bad germ. Pray for him please.

And there you go, November 1 post. ;) I almost forgot!

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Michele said...

great post!
keep us posted on the cabinets and the scary germ. (we're watching the 3rd season of 24 and my my there are scary germs out there)