November 15, 2007

Thanking name


...the turkey is bought.
...the dressing is made and in the freezer.
...I have studied the gravy making tips on and in my November Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
...the ingredients for pies and appetizers are in the cupboards and fridge.
...the tiny pumpkins (white and orange) for the centerpiece are in the fridge and I'm hoping they stay fresh for one week. head hurts and I want to go to sleep now, even though it is only 7:30pm.

Oh and here is a cute Thanksgiving story. Today my second graders were working on their rough draft of What I am Thankful For essay. One little boy, G, came over to me and proudly showed me his paper. It said,

"I am thankful for god because he is the ruler of the whole word!"

I wanted to jump up and down because he knows, with that childlike faith that there is a god and that is who we are thankful TO. But I contained myself and said, "Yes he is! But you need to add an 'l' to world and capitalize God's name when you write it." He took a step back to his desk, and then whirled around dramatically and said with a face full of wonder, "That's his NAME??"

heehee, I said, "Yes and you need to capitalize his name always." He looked very serious and said, "Okay, I will!"

This is the same boy I rushed to the nurse a few weeks ago, thinking (I can say it now) that he had that staph infection, MRSA. Thankfully (to God) it was reported back to us that it was not MRSA, but it was an infection and he had to use a prescription cream and oral antibiotics to get rid of it. *yikes* I"m so glad he is alright. He's a sweet kid....

....and he knows that God is the ruler of the whole world!

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