November 29, 2007

Relative morality....

Apparently justice is not can be slanted any which way you want it to be.

A Wisconsin man was arrested today, probably on charges of homicide....but they're not sure yet. He is accused of slipping his girlfriend the abortion pill twice, causing her to miscarry twice in the past year. And while I do believe that is murder, is it still murder to take the drug when you are the mother instead of the father?

Ah, the lines of misconstrued morality. It's all all depends on if you are the correct parent I guess.


I am sorry for the mother of the two lost children....and I am sorry for our culture that places such weirdly ruled value on those children.

p.s. Our mail was stolen yesterday and found in an abandoned house. The police brought it here to our house this morning. It's kind of strange, not knowing what was stolen, if anything.


Living Beyond said...

I am right there with you -it's a sad world that we live in.

Michele said...

sounds like a disturbing kind of day for you.