November 27, 2007

Dog in Recovery

Maisy is doing just fine....although she looks miserable, poor kid. I picked her up at the mobile spay/neuter clinic, where they reported that she had been 'very sweet'. I'm glad she didn't turn into an 8 pound raving lunatic or something. heh

It is very sad though. She is all blank stare eyed, trembly bodied and quite indecisive about where she wants to lie down. She lies on the floor in a nest we made for 30 minutes, then stands up and sways back and forth while eying you to lift her onto the couch, where she stays for about 30 minutes, then wants her crate. She can't shake her fur out, so her face fur is all mushed down and makes her nose look very pointy, like some character out of Ratatouie. *shudder* Oh, and she will really be happy tonight, I'm sure, when we have to put the protective collar on her. oiy

So....thank you for worrying with me. You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet surfing.

1 comment:

Michele said...

i hardly slept last night for worrying.

thanks for letting us all know.

now, just imagine how you would have been if she was pregnant and due for puppies.