November 5, 2007

Get a Rhythm

We just got back from our school district's high school marching band exhibition show. Lots of colorful uniforms, feathered hats, flaglines, shiny instruments and excited kids. We were sitting with friends from our church. We represented 3 different high schools, so it was fun watching each other's kids play.

Our Emma plays a snare drum in her band. She has been ratatat tatting her way onto the drumline for a year now and she is fun to watch. They are so professional and have such precision! I only worry about her back. Her drum is so heavy! It has 2 big hooks that hang on her shoulders, underneath her uniform and it weighs about 50 or more pounds. But there she is, keeping time, marching with precision and dancing too with a 50 pound drum hanging on her shoulders!

Here is a scene from one of her favorite movies for those of you who like drums.


joannmski said...

Love the drumline! One of our youth almost threw up on Nick Cannon at Magic Mountain on a rollercoaster this year. We were all thrilled.

Michele said...

the marching band thing just doesn't happen much in canada, neither does high school football (not nearly to your extent). i always find it an interesting cultural experience to see/hear/watch it.

my dad has always LOVED marching bands. i should get him that movie.

(it kind of reminds me of that dance team movie, i can't remember the name, except with bands.)


Tiffany said...

We've never watched that movie - but what fun! Nick will be in marching band with his clarinet this year, and presumbaly going forward, as he will be atending a Performing Arts High Schol in the band program.