November 13, 2007

Alice and The Rock

Phoenix has it's share of celebrities who live here. The people I know of have been Dick Van Dyke (a friend of mine went to high school with his daughter), Amanda Blake (Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke...I remember her on television talking about animal rights), Glen Campbell, Leslie Nielsen (who now does very silly commercials for a local bank), Charles Barkley, Loretta Young and Linda Ronstadt. But one of our most infamous natives, as well as a current resident, is rocker Alice Cooper. In the '70's my sister had a purse that was made by Alice Cooper's roomate. She dragged it everywhere....literally! It was a leather purse (with beads I think) with 3 foot leather fringing. heh She was a hippie.

In recent years though, you can find Alice on the news playing in golf tournaments, hosting musical talents in his Cooperstown nightclub/restaurant or giving soundbites for public service commercials. In one he is pulled over by a policeman in his golf cart and making excuses for not having current registration. (silly) Not quite what you'd expect from an old '70's rocker who was very blasphemous in his day? Ten or so years ago, he gave his life to Christ. Now, years later, he is established in our community as a good citizen, business man, charity sponsor, television spokesman and family man. One New Year's Day, our city was burying a time capsule...probably in the beginning of the year 2000, but I'm not sure....and one of the people who offered to put something significant in was Mr. Cooper. He held up a Bible and said that he hoped that in the future it would still be viewed as the most important book ever.

On Wikipedia, I found he is quoted:

**When asked by the British Sunday Times Magazine in 2001 how a rebellious shock-rocker could be a Christian, Alice is credited with providing this response "Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's real rebellion!"**

Lately though, I've been hearing about a project he is initiating at my former college. It's a performing arts center, not only for college students, but for youth in the neighboring areas. College students would help run it and be involved in loving kids and helping them to come to know Jesus. Here is a news article on it. Read up on it yourself. It is called The Rock. And this is a Christmas fundraiser for the event called Alice Pudding.

Such a unique history here in Phoenix....but cool, you have to admit.

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Michele said...

that is SO neat. i wish i could see that purse, too.