January 2, 2008


We had to play around with various settings to get this video the correct size to upload it. One of the settings we changed was the picture quality and it can't be redone without going back to the original camera downloading and then editing, adding music, etc processes. So here it is in low quality!

As you can see, this is after Maisy got shaved by a maniac groomed, so all her nice ringlets are gone. At the end of the movie, they are snuggling and this is exactly what happens when you tuck Maisy under your neck. She gets limp and very sleepy! It's so funny.


Michele said...

that snuggly part at the end makes all the work of having a dog all worth it.


made me wish jed was a lap dog!

e-Mom said...

Loved the whole thing... the (classic!) music, Maggie's cute pinchable cheeks, and of course, the star of the show, Maisy. How come you folks get to wear shorts in January? :~D

MMW said...

So sweet! Maisy looks so much like my dog, Rufus. Your daughter is adorable. Thanks for posting the video. -Heartsong