January 17, 2008


I stayed home sick today. At church last night I started a dry, itchy cough, then my chest got feeling heavy by the time we got home, I was achy and started losing my voice! Woke up the same way. It was just so sudden...very strange.

So anyway, Charles called me in sick this morning, but then I had to go to the school (which is where I work and called in sick from!) about 10am because Maggie threw up in class, then outside, then 3 times in the nurse's office. She did it again a few times since we got home, but now has kept some gingerale down for about 20 minutes.

SUCH a weird morning!

So we came home, cleaned her up and did laundry (her jacket got hit) and are on the couches with blankets watching an old vhs tape a friend in New Jersey had recorded for me of Shirley Temple movies from TV long ago. (That would be your mom, Meggan) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is playing now.

I wrote this earlier today and since then we watched Captain January and are now on The Little Colonel and Maggie has eaten some crackers and soup.


Michele said...

sounds like a cozy afternoon after a strange morning...

meggan said...

i get goosebumps thinking about sunday nights now.
i wish we had a way to record them, but i guess we'll just have to wait for costco to sell them in a few months.