January 11, 2008

Questioning Authority

Carol, at She Lives wants your opinion on a new movie. It hits the theaters in February and will either be shuffled over, cause a controversial stir, or it could open people's minds to questioning modern science propaganda and go on a journey of finding the truth to how our world began.

I had kind of heard about this project, but not enough to really examine it. After watching the trailer, I am excited about it! My husband was a biology major in college, taught science in a Christian high school for 5 years and talks about scientific things in his sermons often. Plus my dad was a Christian with very strong scientific leanings. So this is right up my alley! Ben Stein is a very talented guy. He just cracks me up on the Wonder Years and other movie bits. It is cool to see him doing something so meaningful, although he's been doing this a while....it's just now being brought to our attention.

I do not think scientists will be flocking in to see it, but everyday people will be....and those are the people who need to understand that scientific education and research in this country is largely filled with propaganda for an unproven theory.

The truth (in most areas) will set you free. Propaganda just leads you around by the snout. ;)

Now, there are a lot of scientists who do not put stock in Darwin's theory. None of it has actually ever been scientifically proven. And just because someone is exploring intelligent design does not mean they are a seeker of Christ or of religion at all....people just want truth and all of the scientific evidence and discoveries keep pointing to a purposeful design in the universe. There are also a lot of Christians who believe in a form of evolution, and that God is the one who got the ball rolling. So we can't generalize, but it doesn't really look like he does in the movie.

It looks like Stein simply wants to be heard....to provide a whisper in the public ear of questioning the authorities that be and not be afraid to explore other possibilities.

I have to be honest. I do hope that this movie will help spur people on to seeking God....seeking ultimate Truth. But I have always been irked by science books, television shows and some, but not all teachers trying to shove Darwinism down our minds. I would really love to see the scientific world FREE to explore all the possibilities, not just their personal leanings.

Oh yeah, so go over and tell Carol what you think and watch the trailer.

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