January 20, 2008

Sick in the head

I'm under my electric blankie this morning with the vaporizer blowing mist into the air by the window. I took Sudafed, Advil and assorted vitamins. Still my head is pounding. And there's no one here to talk to (except the dog) so I am being quiet.

The laryngitis has been getting a little better since I started taking some Claritan allergy medicine. I think the laryngitis was sparked by an allergic reaction on Wednesday when I cleaned some mildew from under my kitchen sink. There is a slow drip under there (which will be fixed in the next couple of weeks....til then there is a bowl catching the drips) and I got a big whiff of mildew. That evening I got a burning, dry, itchy cough and by bedtime I sounded like Rachael Ray. (no offense to Rach, but she always sounds hoarse) By the next morning it was full blown laryngitis. So for the past 3 days, when I talk it mostly comes out as a hiss of air or a squeak.

Bethany is singing a special this morning with Charles and Jesse. And I'm not there.

Wah wah wah......squeak.

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joannmski said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear it. Hope your little medical concoction helps out.