January 2, 2008

Making movies

Well, I took a little break there, didn't I? i have been kind of busy, but doing fun stuff, so it's okay. The other day I was enjoying a nice warm day, sitting out on the porch swing with Maggie and our dog, Maisy playing in the grass. I took advantage and ran in to get the camera....and decided to try out the video mode of the camera. It worked great! I took a short movie of them playing, then I worked for a couple of days in my spare time trying to add music and title page to it. Then it took about 3 more days to figure out how to CUT off the music that lagged for 2 minutes past the movie's end. I was soooo happy to figure it out.

But now I can't seem to upload it to either photobucket or youtube. I am so perturbed! So if I finally ever get it uploaded, i will post it here. It's very cute....just an experiment. And if i don't smash everything with a hammer before figuring it out, I may do more of this later.....

Maggie is off for 3 days to our former town with some friends of ours. It is eerily lonely here....although I'm sure I could get used to it for 3 days only.

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