January 9, 2008

List of the week

Okay, well you know when I said I was going to try to post on this blog on weekdays and not weekends? Eh....not so much lately.

I'm pooped and although there are blogables here and there, I just can't get the brain to put words down.

Here are some things that have happened lately. I could blog on them, but I'd better just give them a mention and spark your curiousity and creativity with filling in the details.....

1. School's back in, so I am working every day again. I was MISSED. Yes, I think the littles like having me back. It's nice to be missed.

2. Maggie switched schools and is now going to school around the block, where I work. She likes it. She was very excited today to report to me that she did NOT get 'invited' to come to the tutoring program. lol

3. Ladies' kick off night for our winter Bible studies, beginning next week. It was good food, very nice and easy fellowshipping and a really positive, inspiring speaker. More on that later I am thinking.... because it got ME thinking.

4. My feet do not like my work shoes. They ache. And I do a lot of standing, walking and milling about keeping kids in line at work.

5. I like playing cards...real cards that you have to shuffle, moving them around with your hands instead of clicking on them....with real people....in groups, with partners. My kids like it too.

6. Going to bed at 10pm again after staying up until the wee sma's during Christmas break is hard. Getting up at 6am is harder.

7. My dog likes me best....I kind of like it but it's kind of annoying too. My husband is jealous.

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joannmski said...

Oh, my. Comfortable tennies with nice arch supports, I think would make a great difference in your life!! :-)