June 19, 2010

Strange and unexplained garage events!

Our big upright freezer kept opening the other day. We would go through the garage and find it wide open all throughout the day. Well, my kids and dh did. They didn't tell me til later that night. I went out and looked and moved a few things and it stayed shut....just imagine what genius I am to think of that. :roeyes: I went to check on it about 2 hours later and things were still thawing, not freezing. There was blood from some stew meat running down the freezer wall too....gross. So I cleaned out my side by side freezer in the kitchen and moved all the meat and veggies over. The breads in there were ruined by things dripping on them. All my homemade stocks and soups had to be dumped out. 

What a chore to do at midnight! So I left the breads in there and closed it and got up this morning around 8 and the breads still are not frozen yet, so I think it is broken. I cleaned it out and it is turned off now. grrrr It's old ....70's model....so maybe we'll get a smaller new one later on. For now...no bulk shopping!

We left that afternoon, pulled the car out of the garage and went to do some shopping. When I got home, I opened the garage and saw something in the middle of the garage on the floor. It was the cake I was supposed to bring to small group last Wednesday. I had put it in the big freezer to make it cold, then I forgot to take it to small group. Aack, I am so forgetful. 

I guess it had fallen out of the freezer the day no one could keep the freezer door closed and slid under the car. So I fed it to my kids. ha! They don't care, it was still wrapped up perfectly and didn't need to be refrigerated. Very strange events. Such is my life. 

And I'm sick of jello.


SaraMeg said...

Oh no! the end of jello season.

crickl's nest said...

All my freezer trials and all you can think of is the sudden lack of jello? phlbbbtft!

The jello will return, but right now there is almost a whole peach jello poke cake with weird whipped topping that won't go away! They won't eat it!

If Tim comes over tonight I will put it out....heehee. Teenaged boys really are handy to have around!

Cheryl R. said...

Oh Christie, you make me laugh! Sorry about the freezer - that's a bummer. I would be lost without mine! And you can make me jello again - the one you brought me before was yummy! Love you bunches!!!!! Come see me!

crickl's nest said...

Cheryl, you gave us that freezer, remember? It was your old, old one. Charles thinks it will start back up again after a rest during summer. We'll try it in the Fall. It was just a mess....bleh.

You hadn't read my blog before I brought you that jello. I thought you'd start laughing when I brought it for you! Now you get it! lol Love ya....I'll come by soon.

Taylor said...

oh man this is crazy stuff! lol:)) I love reading your blogs Mrs Christie!