June 7, 2010

Lazy days of summer

Well everyone went to the ball game, but Charles and I stayed home. The weather has been HOT lately (108 today) and we've been busy almost every evening. When we were trying to decide how many cars we needed to take the girls and all their friends to the ballpark downtown, Charles looked at me and said, "I wish we didn't have to go, I'm so tired. I'm just going because you want to go." 

I said, "I don't want to go! I thought you did."

So we didn't go. And it was a good decision.

We floated in the pool for a long time and talked. The water got a little too chilly after the sun went behind the wall, and we came in to eat some dinner. Feeling too relaxed to cook, we ate lunchmeat sandwiches and some jello I made today. I am so into jello lately....craving it. It's gotten hot here so maybe that is why. It's so refreshing and perky. ;) 

The jello of the day today was orange jello with pineapple, mandarin oranges and bananas. I topped mine with a little squirt of canned whipped cream and it tasted like a dreamsicle. Yesterday we came home from a church concert and devoured the grape jello with pears I had made the night before.

Today when one of my daughters opened up the fridge, she shouted, "Jell O!" It has really been a hit. I think you'll be hearing more jello ideas as the hot summer days march by. And if you have any jello ideas, send them my way!


standing10:13 said...


joannmski said...

MMMmm. Makes me want jello!

~KQ~ said...

not want to go to a ballgame? a BASEBALL game? how can this BE?!!!!
108ยบ is way, way too hot for humans. I feel for ya.
You will find an alarming number of jello recipes (including, of course, rainbow jello) here: http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/ . I am not an big fan of the jiggly substance, but I can definitely understand its appeal!

bbw said...

I knew it! You must be a closet Lutheran! Because not one of our potlucks is complete without jello!