June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

The kids for Kids' camp left after church, so we had to run our kids to get lunch at McD's, wait for the pastor to finish talking to people, then we were going to go out to eat on the way home. I asked him to choose the place, even Denny's if he so chose (I don't like Denny's except for breakfast, so it was a real sacrifice on my part) But no, he chose Schlotzkey's....yuck! I only go there with him when I really like him a lot. And he was really cute today and it is Father's Day...so.....there we were.

It was so funny, we had to get the Johnsons to sign their passports so that we could get our visas for the trip to Africa. After trying to get them on the phone, we finally decided to go ahead to lunch and left the passports with Bethany there at church, where they would eventually end up since David is going with the  Kids' Camp kids to be pastor for the week. We get to Schlotzkey's and they were there!! How odd! It was only us, them and a few other couples in the whole place! Diana said they were eating there only because it was Father's Day too....she doesn't like it either I guess! I was so cracking up!

And now Charles is settled happily watching golf (oh my, what a confusing sentence, sad sad sentence). Happy Father's Day Charles. I can't believe what wonderful children we raised. Thank you for being a great father to them and husband to me.

Truly. Thank you.

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Taylor said...

awe how sweet!!:)) you are such a good wife Mrs Christie!:)) love you bunches!