June 2, 2010

Furniture and dogs

I rearranged my house today, trying to find a better place to put the treadmill. 

After moving stuff, getting rid of 3 big pieces of furniture and cleaning under all of it, I've decided it was better in it's original place. Oh well.  

We got rid of a ton of old kids' books and the bookshelf it was on and moved out Maisy's crate, thinking she can just sleep on the floor on a blanket now that she's trustworthy. I moved it away from the wall and she pawed at it like she wanted to get in it. Then we carried it out to the garage and when the garage door closed we could hear her crying her heart out inside. I put her blanket down in the spot where the crate was so I think she's a little more understanding, but she's still following me around and keeping an eye on me. ;) You can teach an old dog new tricks but it's a little traumatic for them at first.

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