June 19, 2010

Soul food

Last night some friends of ours took us to a soul cafe. Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in fact. Talk about yummy! I had the fried chicken, cabbage, yams and cornbread. Charles had chicken fried steak (HUGE) with homemade brown gravy (amazing gravy), black eyed peas and okra gumbo. We had the other half of our dinners as leftovers for lunch today and we are stuffed...again!!

Mrs. White knows how to cook some good southern food! She also has famous signatures ALL.OVER. the walls.....it's covered. Pretty cool. There are pictures of it all on the link above.

Very friendly place too....I believe they do practice the Golden Rule.


Cheryl R. said...

Where is that? It sounds yummy!

Alida said...

Sounds awesome... I wanna go!

crickl's nest said...

Cheryl did you click the link? It's a little tiny cafe right by Chase field....kind of a yellowish building, but it's a famous cafe with famous signatures all over the walls. Food along the lines of Cracker Barrel, but more down home southern like greens, black eyed peas, oxtail! lol Kelly wouldn't tell any of us where we were going, we just pulled up and we were all like....huh? But it was very good and now we're best friends with the cook and waitress...ha! (at least Kelly is)

Alida....you would have loved it....very cute and fun. Family run. ;) Next time you're in Phx, ok!??

joannmski said...

Yum! I love soul food. Very fun.