June 3, 2010

Rethinking the crazy idea of a crate-less dog in the night!

Well my furniture is still all askew and I don't have much hope that it will be reasonably rearranged anytime today. My mind is all afog (my Mac doesn't think that is a real word, but I think it should be) because the dog who was so reluctant to be freed of her crate, acted like a newborn baby, she was so needy last night.

It is amazing how pokey a little 10 pound dog's feet are in the middle of the night, walking around your bed, looking for a comfy place to lie down, staring at you until you wake up, sighing because she's bored or restless. And the place she thinks is just right to settle into pulls your blanket across too tight or makes your legs feel claustrophobic or just makes you want to hurl her across the room. (it was a long night but I vaguely remember thinking that would have been a good idea at one point) She also broke into shrieking barks once while looking out our bedroom window. I had to pull down the blinds after peeling my fingernails out of the ceiling.

I guess I really don't mind having a dog crate in my room like I think I did. If fact, in the light of a brand new day, it's beautiful, aesthetically as well as in theory, and in practice, quite peaceful.


standing10:13 said...

hahaha. I do think I remember the shrieking barks. I think this is quite hilarious. Especially the bit about it being aesthetically pleasing.

joannmski said...

Back to the crate she goes! Mama needs her sleep. :-)