December 17, 2007

Withdrawing...hang in there pws!

OK, readers, let me just say a few words to my fellow pastor's wives who have suddenly found themselves without their beloved forum.


heh....actually she was trying to do some holiday decorating on the forum and it did the error thingie. She is grieving about it, so no rubbing it in....even though she is responsible. ;) The web deacon is out of town for the week, so we will have to find out some other ways to keep in touch! If you want to send me your email addresses, send them to, I will set up a group email so you won't go into too much withdrawal. If you think you may be having symptoms, go this page to find out how to get some relief.

We will just support each other through this crisis....hang in some chocolate and enjoy your families. {{{group hugs}}}}


e-Mom said...

Evesdropping here. Too funny Christie! So sorry for you guys...

Hugs, e-Mom

AussieMaz said...

What do you mean by that article? I've only checked the forum two times today, even though I know it's down for a few days yet. And only been on facebook about 5 times, checking blogs...hmm, maybe you had a point. ;)

blackpurl said...

I am not going to read the aritcle because I know that I will find myself in it! And you already have my email address, right?!