December 27, 2007


Today's high in Phoenix was 53F. I wore one of my cool Eddie Bauer sweaters, leftover from living up north, and went out. Yes, it was very exciting after my lazy day yesterday. Maggie and I took Maisy to the groomer.....her first visit EVER. She was very nervous since the last time we took her somewhere in the car, it was to the place where they keep you in a cage until they put you to sleep and hurt your tummy really bad! Then we ran to Target and spent all of Maggie's $30 cash, plus a $25 gift card on clothing and shoes for her. I bought some essential toiletries and then got $20 worth of half priced Christmas decor. (two boxes of brown, antic-looking jingle bells for the tree....30 in all and 2 large glass 'cracker jars' to use as cookie jars. One has a snowman and the other a penguin, so I can use them all winter.)

We went back to pick up the new dog. She was a good girl, but had several matted places and had to be shaved.....ON the coldest day of the year so far. So she is quite humiliated and skinny....very skinny. I guess the trick to keeping bichons mat-free is daily brushing. ehn

Since the dog was shivering her timbers, I decided to try the heater once more. Click, it came on just fine and has heated us up to a toasty 67F. I'm so glad it came on. SO glad.... It went so well that I went out to check on the pool pump. When it is below 32F out, you're supposed to run the pump all night to keep it from freezing. There was success with the pump too, but i had to give the sweeper a few encouraging bumps with the pool pole to get it really moving and there was air in the pipes. eek That is not really bad (I think). It just makes very disturbing noises until it gets all the air out. *gurgle...POOF....gurgle gurgle...POOOOOF* I just checked it and it's running smoothly now. *whew*

So that was my day, after a bowl of soup and tidying the kitchen, we will be spending the rest of the evening on the couch with a movie and blankies!

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for our group from the church who are on a mission trip to Mexico. They are doing a short Bible school for the kids there and they are sleeping in the church. It has no heat and the weather is a little more chilly there than Phoenix. Pray for warmth and effectiveness as they work with the children there.

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blackpurl said...

sounds like she needs a doggie sweater!!!

I am praying for that mission trip... I can imagine what it is like with no heat. We had to endure that last year before they got our radiators fixed!