December 27, 2007


With Charles and my 2 teenagers on a mission trip this week, it's verrrrrrrrry quiet around here. Yesterday Maggie and I spent most of the day in our jammies, arguing over who had to run out to the curb to get the mail. (because we'd have to put on shoes)

Maggie lost.

We ate leftovers, watched movies and morning game shows (not making that mistake today) and I taught Maggie how to do the 'stem stitch' on the embroidery project she got for Christmas. She is now obsessed with it. I will take a picture of the finished project. It's a cute felt pillow.

Maisy spent a lot of time snuggling up to the side of my lap and being clingy in general. I think she is cold. I had to go and find her last night to put her in her kennel (bed). After calling her name several times, I found her hiding from me in Maggie's bed! It is very cold for Phoenix this week with a wind blowing too. I noticed this morning that our heater is not blowing. It rumbles, but it doesn't blow out the warm air.

Our pool sweeper does not look like it has moved since yesterday either.

I am no longer asking why things go wrong or break when the hubs is out of town, I just accept it as reality. *sigh*

I do have plans to leave my house today and go to the store though and tomorrow across town to have lunch with my sisters.

I'm enjoying the destressing process though.... emencely!

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joannmski said...

Oooh, sounds like a lovely relaxed day. Stitch like the wind, little stitcher!!